Terra Bona Partners

invest in early stage, start-up and seed companies in various industries taking an active and long term role in helping entrepreneurs build successful and sustainable businesses.

As Terra Bona Partners we aim to provided more than funding. We add value to the companies in which we invest by actively partnering with each entrepreneur and his/her team to help transform their ideas into market leading businesses.

How we do it

In order to make the entrepreneurs’ dreams come true, we team up with them and work hand in hand throughout our investment cycle with the company. The level of Terra Bona Partners’ support may differ according to the stage where we get involved with each investment and our agreement with each.This may start with aligning  each investment with its business plan, developing and implementing its strategy and the business as well as involvement in operational management. Terra Bona backed companies are provided with not only the funding and operational management support but also the access to extensive resources of our international and domestic network which include the business leaders as well as advisors representing public and private businesses, technical and subject matter specialists both in Turkey and abroad.
We only succeed when our portfolio of companies succeed so we put all our energy, focus, commitment, insight and experience in place.